Masonry has to be be greater than the sum of ideas, greater than the sum of brothers and sisters, greater than the sum of activities.


Everything is always in motion. This means that the vision of a Workplace must always be in motion to.  Rigidity leads to fundamentalism. To stick unflinchingly to ancient principles, hinders the dialogue. It restricts new encounters and curtails new visions .

Willingness to listen , fairness , openness, tolerance , trust, confrontation , social engagement ... these are the keys for the new Workplace .


The 25th of january 2001,  the founding meeting took place. The new Triangle was founded in March of that same year . At that time, we were part of the Belgian Federation of the International Masonic Order:  Le Droit Humain .

The 23th of March 2006 , 22 of the 27 members of Aqua Le Droit Humain voted to become a founding Lodge of Lithos, Confederation of Lodges, to sail their own course and an to found an autonomous lodge, rejecting any kind of hierarchy.

Meanwhile , Aqua docked in calmer waters. The new Confederation is an internatonal member of C.L.I.P.S.A.S. and has agreements with all non-dogmatic Belgian obediences

On the 18th of november 2001 we reported to all brothers and sisters from all corners of the world

the formal launching of our new Lodge, ready to take our own course.

Autonomy and free research remain essential to us. If we want to mean something as macons in the 21st century, we must offer a new dynamism as individuals, as a lodge and  as an overarching structure . This philosophy, which is at the base of Aqua, is a philosophy we have to convert to reality.


Our harbour is in the East of Antwerp, city by the river where the tide delivers ships off and on for centuries, where meetings with the other is of all times, where life is sparkling, and where the social engagement is indispensable.