We explicitly reject restrictions of dogma and fully adapt to freedom of speech in mutual trust and tolerance. At all times and cost we want to see eye to eye. Each drop is valuable: each member of our lodge contributes and participates in the masonic employment.  Within the Temple the rituals and the masonic symbols will be the instruments of our employment: within and outside the Temple we will strive to reach unity in diversity.


Each of us is trying to search for the social consequences of the masonic ideals and use them outside the Temple, each one according to personal strength and capacities.


Our Lodge is autonomous and eager to be a venue for those who base themselves on the principles of freedom, equality and fraternity.



Statement of principles

 Wind directions may change but the compass of Fraternity remains constant.

We are alert and prepared.

We open our doors and our hearts and

will defy storms.

Aqua values every single drop of water.  The power of water evokes all possible life forms.

Water is permanently evolving.  Evolution, growth indeed, is the mason's spirit that wants to express its natural dynamics.  As such our 'manifesto' will be constantly prone to moves and twists that now-ness requires.